Name: Meeka Kinta, (moon laughter) “Kin”

Age: 17

Gender: female

Weight: 53 kg

Height: around 5’5

Physical Abilities: she is petite, but agile and has good hearing.

On her knuckles protrude 4 small spikes- similar to wolf claws. Uses a wooden staff as a weapon

Personality: Short tempered, grew up with wolves and has an affinity with them. Bad communication skills.

Physical Description: Olive/medium-dark skin tone, dark short hair, threaded with feathers, beads and bones.

Background: Unknown birthplace. Villiage stories tell of a woman who bore a daughter out of wedlock and left the babe in the forest to die. She was raised by wolves until a crazed villiage warrior decided to “save her” – in attempt to replace his dead daughter and wife.

He managed to wipe out most of the wolf pack and drag Kinta back to his home villiage before dying shortly after.

She grew up in the shadows of the village, shadowing the warrior boys as they learned to hunt and fight. Her story starts as she leaves the villiage to find out about her past.

She has a companion

Name: Kolet

Born: in the bush

Abilities: she was raised by kinta. she is a crow. Clever and sneaky.

backround: tags along with Kin. Helps her along the way.


Name: Alexandria Kaden

Class: The Kingdom of Risa. [royalty-Pending]

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Hair color: Jet Black

Eye color: Dark brown

Height: 5’10

Weapon(s): She doesn’t fight, She has a sharp toungue though

Power(s): none

Description: Spoilt. It’s her way or the highway. She gets jelous easily. The one everyone “loves to hate.”

Background: The first girl born into a long lineage of males. She was spoilt by her parents and older brothers. She knows how to manipulate those around her using her status and entitled attitude. Almost everyone hates her, except for her pet cat who is just as spoilt as her.

Her story starts when she bumps into


Name: Levi Cale-Kaden

Class: The Morrigan, Warrior.

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Hair color: Blue Black

Eye color: Hazel

Height: 6’2

Weapon(s): Two Blades, One shorter than the other.

Description: He is well built and physically strong. He usually wears a dark purple cape. He loves to talk to people, and is well trained with the blades he wields. His weakness is magic. When he gets close to it, his strength weakens and visions of the past or future become apparent. Has a natural curiosity about him.

Background: Brought up in the Morrigan, he used to play swordfighting as a young boy. His father died before he was born, and had no father figure to grow up to. He formed a curiousity which usually ended up in trouble. He dabled with magic, and mediums, caused an accident which ultimately caused his aversion to magic.

Twist: He is Alexandria’s twin brother. His father was royalty but died, his mother also royalty but completely bent on having a daughter, she had taken many herbs and concoctions whilst pregnant it sent her crazy. The midwife stole him away back to her home town, knowing that his mother would likely kill him.


Name: Lexi Dark


Gender: Female

Race: 1/2 vampire

Hair colour: Jet black, Long with the texture of sill


Catlike Balance and

Acute Sense, (her senses are increased)


Nightmares (he suffers from nightmares and visions, haunted by her past

Eye colour: bright bule

Height: 5’10

Weight: 60 kg

Weapons: Martial artist, two three-pronged blades

Description: mediumly built, likes to talk, smallish fangs. Wears gothic era clothes

History: Her mother is human, her father Vampire. Her mother and father were young when they fell in love neither of them understanding the implications of their decisions. They had a daughter- Lexi.

As Lexi grew it was clear she had clearly inherited the vampiric lust for blood.

This caused arguments and difficulties in the home eventuating in a fight that grew physical. Lexis father left his mother to die and took the screaming child underground to live with him, and the rest of the vampire race, she was 4 at the time. She despised living there greatly, strict and rigid. Although her blood lust was always satiated she couldn’t find it in her to kill. She was her mothers daughter. And every time her father would teach her, or shed go out with the Nightbloods- terrible flashbacks of her dying mother would plague her mind. This caused her to be continually shamed and deemed “lower than the humans we eat”.

When she was about 7 her father re-married, and had another child, a brother, Locc. He challenged Lexi in everything. Food, fights, acceptance. Everyone loved him- there was no better vampire than Locc.

Her story surrounds how she learns to overcome her brother.

name: Hydious

race: mutant wolf

height: 7 ft

history: Lexi took Hydious in as a small pet.. he kept growing. together they cause trouble on the streets, so they ran away.. protecting and watching over each other.p